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Interested in applying for a postdoc fellowship to join the team?

If you want to join the lab and are eligble for postdoc fellowships such as HFSP fellowship, EMBO long-term fellowship or Marie Curie fellowship, please send your CV to Ylva.Ivarssons[at]

Current team


Muhammad Ali   pakistans-flagga

PhD student, June 2015 –

I am investigating the ligand binding of proteins such as the PDZ domain and FERM domains, and I have a broad interest in method development.



Susanne Lüchow   dk

PhD student, March 2017 –

 My research is focused on the binding plasticity of PDZ domains, which are domains involved in protein-protein interactions and play a key role in signal transduction. My current focus is on finding PDZ binding motifs found in intrinsically disordered regions of target proteins.  For more information see


Caroline Benz   tysklands-flagga

PhD student, October 2017 –

My research is focused on host-pathogen SLiM-based protein-protein interactions.


Johanna Kliche tysklands-flagga

PhD student, February 2019 –


Dr. Leandro Simonetti  Flag_of_Argentina.svg

Postdoc, December 2017 –

My research is focused on bioinformatics of host-pathogen SLiM-based protein-protein interactions.



Dr. Ahmed Sayadi 640px-Flag_of_Tunisia.svg

Researcher, August 2019-

Bioinformatics analyst with strong interest in analyzing NGS data, ranging from genome/transcriptome/mitochondria assembly, gene expression, SNPs analysis, sequence analysis, PPI analysis, motif-prediction, to function annotation.


Dr. Oanh Ho Ngoc Hoang vietnams-flagga

Postdoc, shared with Deindl lab,  Nov 2017 –

Focusing on protein-protein interactions and structural biology.

Dr. Andreas Lange

Dr. Andreas Lange tysklands-flagga

Visting postdoc (EMBO short-term fellowship),  Aug 2019 –

Main focus in on de novo genes (genes that might have emerged from intrinsic DNA) and to explore their functions. Additionally, I want to make ancesteral reconstructions on these genes to see how their structure evolve over time.


Eszter Kassa Hungarian flag

PhD student Lind, lab Chemistry – BMC, UU, Nov 2017 –

Honory member. Analytical chemist branching out into biochemistry


Filip Mihalic  Slovenia flag

PhD student Jemth lab, IMBIM, UU, 2018 –

Honory member. About to become FP specialist.


Dr. Gustav Sundell (PhD student 2014-18)

Dr. Vikash Kumar Yadav (postdoc 2015-17)

Dr. Cecilia Blikstad (postdoc (postdoc 2014-15)