New home lego lab

December 2020:

Christmas dinner in COVID19 time


July 2020:

Lendro Ylva

September 2019: 

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February 2019: Almost complete lab

Lab 2019

September 2018: First yearly meeting with the team engaged in the SSF project. Great to see all the progress made in short time!

July 2018: Successful canoeing with the team – no one got (too) wet and everyone made it to the end

December 2017:


April 2017: Susanne just started as PhD student in the group.

spring 2017

October 2015: Lab pic with Gustav (PhD student), Vikash (postdoc), Ilaria (visting PhD student) & Ali (PhD student)

october 2015.jpg

March 2015: Lab pic with Cissi (postdoc), Gustav (PhD student), Ali (project student) & Nastassia (project student)

Marchh 2015.jpg

1th of July 2014: 1 year birthday of Ivarsson lab

one year .jpg

February 2014: Things starts to take off! Gustav (right) joined the lab as PhD student

4. Then there was light (Jan 2014 GS started the lab as a PhD student).JPG

October 2013: New stuff arrived – and the full Ivarsson lab was there to unpack it

2. Then came all the stuff.jpg

1th of July, 2013: In the beginning there was chaos..

1. In the beginning there was....jpg