Updates from the Ivarsson lab

New home lego lab

August 2019

Happy with the successful Tiselius 2019 symposium (https://tiseliussymposium.org/). Many thanks to all speakers and participants!


Welcoming Dr. Andreas Lange (visting postdoc with EMBO short-term fellowship) and Dr. Ahmed Sayadi (researcher) to the group.

June 2019

Great time hanging out with Eszter and Caroline at the Affinity 2019 meeting, not to mention sharing session with Dr Sidhu.


June 2019

Congratulations to Kalle N for a well defended Master thesis!

May 2019

Co-organized the first soapbox science event in Uppsala. Eszter Kassa told the crowd about our SSF funded host-pathogen project, with the support of Caroline Benz.


May 2019

Our collaboration with the Cyert lab on calcineurin is now available on biorxiv:


February 2019

Welcome to Johanna Kliche who is joining the group as a PhD student!

Welcoming Christin Kossman & Anna Bonhoure as visiting PhD students.

October 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Gustav Sundell –  well defended!  Proud to present the first Dr from the lab!


September 2018

Ivarsson lab members at the EMBO workshop on the Modularity of Signaling Proteins and Networks (http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-modularity; photos by Toby Gibson)



September 12, 2018

Celebrating Gustav’s masterpiece (http://msb.embopress.org/content/14/8/e8129.long) with cake (and some bubbles).



Welcome to the “new home” of the lab!

The lab has passed the first critical start-up years and is now going into the next phase with fresh funding and new people. What can be more fitting than celebrating this with a new webpage?! The next years we will continue charting human protein-protein interactions that rely on short linear motifs. We will also take on the challenge of exploring host-pathogen protein-protein interactions on large scale.  The adventure continues!